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Teacher with grad

I decided to enroll my son at Christie’s preschool at age 3. I heard great reviews about the school, and went ahead and enrolled him. As a 3 year old never being away from me, and as a nervous parent the staff at Christie’s welcomed him w/ open arms. Took a lot of time to help him adjust to school and being around other kids. Now after almost 2 years w/ them, he loves nothing more than to go to school. He wakes up every morning hoping that today is school day. The teachers are incredible, there school plays just light up the room, He has learned to write and spell his name count to 100 and so much more! Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 years at Christie’s Carousel.


Great Summer Program—school will allow you to pick any week or weeks to send your child during the summer. You may also pick different days of the week to send your child for the summer. A lot of flexibility which is nice given all the summer vacations that get scheduled with my family! The teachers are very loving and have a lot of variety planned in each day!

—Margaret Dolan

Christie’s Carousel of Learning has cared for one or both of my children for the past four years. Their approach is loving, open, collaborative, responsive and responsible. Their programs are varied, organized, and fun. They do an amazing job of nurturing and caring for children, while preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. Christie’s Carousel has been an incredible experience for my children and has been a comfort to us as parents.

—Jill Sterling

Christie’s is a warm, safe environment for children when they are away from home and their parents. The staff know each child and they work with them to develop at their pace. They are busy every day with crafts, coloring, projects, outdoor time, music and many others. It is a family run business and the entire Christie family truly loves each child. They create and perform three shows a year with ALL students which is a HUGE accomplishment. All three of our children have spent many years there and have wonderful memories!

—Tara Bolz

I was initially interested in Christie’s Carousel because I heard that they were about the only preschool in Park Ridge that didn’t require your child be potty trained! Then I learned that one of my closest friends had her son there and loved them. Her seal of approval was all I needed to register. I even didn’t bother to go visit the school and meet the teachers like many parents do. I trusted the word of my friend so much, that I knew it would work for us. That was four years ago and I have been thrilled with my choice ever since. What is so amazing about the staff at Christie’s is that they treat each of the children as individuals…really taking the time to get to know them. My oldest was easy going and adapted with no problem…then my middle one came along and had major separation anxiety and difficulty at drop off. When the problem didn’t solve itself after a few weeks they came up with an individual “plan of attack” that worked beautifully for my son. Although he’s not always the easiest to get out the door in the morning…he has grown and matured so much that he now goes into school without hesitation! Our youngest will start there this summer and I’m confident that her experience at Christie’s will be uniquely wonderful as her older brothers. As a Mom, it’s such a relief to walk away each morning and know that my kids will be cared for like family!

—Melanie Owens

My daughter has been attending Christie’s Carousel of Learning for almost two years. We all love it! Christie’s curriculum addresses my daughter’s academic needs along with her social, emotional, and physical development. From observing interactions between the staff and my daughter, it is obvious that the staff have a personal interest in my child’s well-being. Teachers have a passion for teaching and child development; for them, it is not just a place of work. Christie’s is a welcoming and close community. We have established many wonderful friendships with other families who belong to the school. I am extremely happy with Christie’s and recommend it highly to friends and neighbors.

—Kathy Jefson

I have been extremely happy with your preschool. I have sent all three of my children to your school and have recommended it to numerous other moms. The atmosphere is caring and nurturing, while having fun! All of my kids have loved going to your school and looked forward to going every day. When it was the weekend, they would be disappointed that they wouldn’t be going to school.

I love the warmth and understanding displayed by the teachers at Christie’s; the children always come first. In addition, the teachers make it fun and offer a variety of activities and learning activities for the children. Furthermore, you offer a totally flexible schedule for the parents to choose from, making it desirable and suitable for every parent’s needs. If a parent suddenly has a conflict one day, the flexi-drop program is an amazing choice, and it has helped me out many times. Also, upon graduating from Christies, my kids have all known their address, phone number, how to write their name, and recognize all letters of the alphabet. Last, buy not least, my kids will eat meatloaf amongst other foods due to Miss Nancy’s lunches. Serving lunch to my children has been good for all of us here at my house. I would recommend Christie’s Carousel to any mom! Thank you for taking such great care of my children.

—Karen Burriesci

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