Our Philosophy of Child Care in Park Ridge, IL

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Since our school was established in 1981 our philosophy has been, and will continue to be, based on the concept of family love.

Our curriculum encourages play as a child’s most appropriate tool for learning. We understand the importance of play to children’s development and provide opportunities for both structured and spontaneous activities in the program.

We strongly believe that social interaction and an intellectually stimulating environment establish the necessary developmental format for each child to prepare for the structure of the elementary educational system.

With the creators of our school raising nine children of their own, the importance of all children developing their own unique personalities and growing intellectually at their own pace is something that we recognize and support. We do this by providing an environment that encourages the development of positive self-esteem.

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We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Anyone is welcome to stop by the school anytime, where you can witness seasonal programs celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring. Each student participates in each of their classes actively with songs, dancing, and costume performances. Every year one child may freeze on stage at a performance, but the next year that child is the loudest, most active, and the hit of the show.

We are proud of our years of success in encouraging thousands of preschoolers to develop a very positive sense of self-esteem and the love of learning.

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